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ABA HOSPITALITE is a brand new, premium hospitality concept on a mission to redefine the meaning of hospitality on the island of Paros.

Our objective is to introduce the visitor to the unique experience of Cycladic accommodation where authenticity meets comfort and luxury through the harmonious coexistence of elegance and functionality. Discover more!

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The complex consists of a total of 6, one or two-bedroom spacious suites, which are spread across an outstanding three-storey building. Strongly influenced by Cycladic architecture, they are all characterised by elegant, lean design and minimal aesthetic, exuding at the same time an aura of luxury and modern living.

Natural materials, stone and wood, white with subtle touches of earthy tones, built furniture, beds and sofas, inspired by the Cycladic traditional narrative, create a setting that speaks directly to the heart of the modern guest and satisfies even the most sophisticated needs.

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favorite destination!

Welcome to Naoussa! The second largest town on the popular island of Paros is known for its picturesque port and the authentic Cycladic charm that it so effortlessly exudes.

With its narrow, picturesque alleys, the whitewashed courtyards, the blue and white harmony periodically interrupted by the vivid crimson colours of blooming bougainvilleas, the imposing Castle on the beach, which adds a magic touch to the scenery when lit up at night, Naoussa is quite rightly considered one of the most alluring destinations on the island of Paros and the Aegean in general.

ABA HOSPITALITE is located just 5 minutes from the centre of this beautiful town, ready to welcome you where you want to be!

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